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    Residential real estate market is leading the charge

    We’re seeing housing play a critical role in economic recovery.

    Despite the crippling and ongoing coronavirus pandemic, millions out of work, a recession, a national reckoning over systemic racism, and a highly contentious presidential election just around the corner (we’ve got to remember that), the residential real estate market is staging an astonishing rebound.” –

    It’s obvious that home sales affect our economic recovery positively. But if we want to really look at what’s going on we have to start to look at behavior.

    We followed showing times since the start of this to say that’s a leading indicator of people going out and looking at houses. The normalization and acceleration is extraordinary.

    We saw this dip down in late March and April but we’re coming back, and now people are saying, you know what, we’re going to go out and look at that house. The reasons that people have for looking for a home have changed or have grown, or become greater during this time.


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